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Covid-19 has changed the way we manage many everyday tasks, but perhaps the most obscurely affected area of our lives has been our fitness. 

With gyms closing down due to Covid, fitness enthusiasts had no choice but to turn to apps and virtual classes for their workouts. In fact, downloads of health and fitness mobile apps grew by 46% during lockdown alone! 

This new normal has transformed the fitness industry and the results aren’t expected to shift anytime soon. With so many people becoming comfortable with virtual calls, the opportunity for fitness businesses is undeniable. 

Follow along to discover how your fitness business can leverage new virtual norms for success in the year ahead. 

Increased Buy-in for Virtual Gyms

For decades fitness enthusiasts have turned to physical gyms to get the most out of their workouts. With all the equipment readily available, the answer seemed simple. Of course, without the ability to head to these establishments, consumers were forced to find other means of exercise. 

While this seemed inconvenient at first, the truth is that video calling and apps for workouts became preferred by many. In fact, a shocking amount of the population has revealed that they will continue with virtual fitness long after gyms reopen. 

So how does this benefit your business? In essence, you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars in overhead costs while running your virtual gym! 

By making the change to a virtual fitness platform, you can save on fitness equipment purchases, rent, and even staff wages for your establishment. In essence, opening a successful fitness business has never been more risk-free!

One-on-One Coaching 

But what if you already have an established gym? Fear not.

There will still be plenty of people returning to your physical gym in the year ahead, however, video calling comfort has now opened up an opportunity for you to expand your reach. 

Instead of only serving those who are in your area, you can offer one-on-one coaching to an entirely new audience. This could even be a great alternative to those who otherwise can’t fit personal training sessions into their schedule. 

Increased Flexibility for Users

When the motivation sparks to workout, the best way to feed that inspiration is to work out right away. Unfortunately, this is often not an option when relying on physical gyms for exercise. 

Of course, virtual gyms and pre-recorded classes make this simple and easy. 

This not only helps your virtual gym grow in popularity but also opens up a window for passive income. Once your classes are pre-recorded and posted, you can literally make money while you sleep. How’s that for leveraging flexibility! 

From here, all you need is the right marketing and promotion to make your services pop! Check out this link for marketing information and advice.

The New and Improved Fitness Industry

Now that you know how a shift to comfortable virtual calling can benefit your business it’s time to take action. From providing customer-satisfying flexibility to expanding your business offerings, we’re confident you’ll make a splash in the fitness industry this year. 

Want to learn more about the virtual shift in business? Check out our other articles to discover everything you need to know about growing your business in a digital world.


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