Selenite, also known as menalite crystal, seems to be an excellent stone to behave if you want to calm your thoughts and gain clarity of mind. It also is a wonderful stone to keep on hand if you’re worry about psychic attacks.

Selenite seems to be a powerful healing crystal that’s also thought to bring tranquility, calm, clarity of mind, as well as overall well-being. Some people think that this selenite crystal can assist you in access to higher worlds and dispel bad energy. There is no proof that crystals have metaphysical or therapeutic abilities. Utilizing them in rites and meditation techniques, or donning them as jewelry, may provide subjective advantages. Many individuals testify by crystals, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t test Selenite.

What does Selenite do?

Selenite crystal meaning is pure. A crystallized type of Gypsum, is utilized for good fortune and home security and therefore is regarded as one of the must-have stones in the home. Selenite is a high-vibration crystal, also spiritually filters and purifies the air where it would be positioned. This also brings a deep feeling of serenity and calmness to those who come into contact with its field of energy, calming and soothing them. Selenite is take it  to clean itself now, unlike all the other crystals requiring constant cleaning with carefully formulate aura sprays and sunshine.

 Do people often think about how to charge Selenite? Menalite crystal gets energize through the water.

For positive vibrations, this is a perfect stone to put in the bathroom and bedroom. On the other hand, Selenite can be energized by moonlight even if it isn’t a full moon. Also, because Selenite seems to be a delicate crystal, this should not be exposed to water because it can destroy it.

Another fascinating truth about selenite properties seems that this can be utilized to purify the bad energy that the jewels and stones receive by putting Selenite on them or winding the jewelry or gemstones around for 4 to 6 hours. The jewels and gemstones will be cleansed of all bad and obstructed energy.

The Purification Gemstone

The Selenite Stone is drenched in unearthly splendor, with a shade as light as angel wings fluttering. Selenite, a cherished deity stone with a strong history, is thought to provide protection, balance, as well as soul restoration to your Health, mind, as well as home. Selenite seems to be a crystalline type of Gypsum, according to legend. It’s made of hydroxides calcium sulphate and seems to be a soft, nearly flexible stone that looks more like a feather than a stone in reality. That can be a lovely and clear message that we must go through this planet with a feeling of tenderness but also that we must bring the holy place to the activities because it is one of the gentler stones.

What Is The Best Way To Use Selenite?

Many metaphysical healers advise meditation with a selenite crystal in your hand. This enables a more mindful and concentrated practice, ensuring that you will be hyper-receptive to the strong vibration’s good influence. Although meditation seems to be a mind-clearing activity, it is also an active engagement in healing the energy flow. While carrying a selenite stone as jewelry can be useful, this may not be a suitable replacement for meditation or putting it over the chakras. It could also be utilize to purify various crystals since it is a natural energy balancer.

Selenite crystal benefits:

Selenite have strong selenite healing properties in many cultures throughout history. As a result, experts consider Selenite to be amongst the most powerful crystals in the inventory of an energy practitioner. Selenite is declare to cleanse bad vibrations from your environment and carry tremendous energies that can offer shelter and boost well-being.

What is Selenite good for?

  • The striations on the top of the Selenite gemstone act as a pathway for the soul to travel.
  • Selenite’s hue and texture give a tremendous grounding effect—this aids in bringing your interest and concentration to the present moment.
  • Whenever it relates to purifying and purging the house or workplace, Selenite seems to be a popular gemstone. It clears bad energy, improves focus, and generates a sense of serenity in any environment.
  • The frequencies that Selenite emits are mystical instead of physical. As a result, it can also help you reach spiritual awareness.
  • If you’re easily redirect or have trouble focusing on just one task at a time, Selenite, as well as its powers, could be just what you need.
  • Selenite is thought to open portals to other planets. It improves the spirit of teamwork in organizations and groups, making it an excellent gemstone to have in the workplace.
  • And, just in case you did not even know, Selenite gemstones can help you activate or improve your telepathic talents.
  • Selenite can erase any uncertainty and vagueness or cognitive mist that accompanies psychic thoughts or images gained during concentration, in addition to sharpness with attention to detail.
  • Selenite lamps are a great replacement for salt lamps, which are always popular. They not only appear great lighted up and create ambience in your homes and businesses, yet you don’t even have to or need to turn on the lighting to enjoy the advantages of this multipurpose crystal.
  • Selenite seems to be a stone with a high level of sensitivity. It functions similarly to a fluid light, flowing from this planet to the upper worlds and back.


1. Benefits for Health as well as Healing

Selenite has a wide range of Health as well as healing properties. We understand it can benefit ladies who are having trouble getting pregnant. Day after day, keep the gemstone close to the body to boost fertility. You may also use it in conjunction with crystalline bauxite to increase your appetite. It also is thought to have give additional protection to innocent fetuses and expectant moms throughout the pregnancies. Most of us have some moments in our lives when our productivity levels are too low, and so as a reaction, we experience weariness and sluggishness frequently. You can boost energy flow throughout your body by utilizing cleansing selenite, a few of the vital glands.

Eliminating defective energies and other obstructions to the proper flow of energy can assist remove these obstructions when combined with garnet. It could also aid in the removal of pollutants.

It could also aid in the removal of pollutants.

2. Flexible

Selenite is a flexible mineral that aligns the spine and improves flexibility. It tries to correct skeletal abnormalities and, therefore, can help to stabilize epilepsy diseases. In addition, it’s being use to treat diseases cause by metal poisoning from dental fillings to counteract the impacts of “free radicals” in cellular structure. Leukemia, tumors, dark circles, wrinkles, even light sensitivity are all consequences that can be avoid.

3. Selenite is a protective element

Selenite seems to be a gemstone ideally set in the living room and bedroom since it contains a high-frequency gemstone that build security to those who utilize it. Whenever it relates to collecting bad feelings, Selenite is great. Higher worlds, angelic ties, light, as well as purity are all linked with it. Selenite also can purify the aura by clearing sluggish energies or impediments. It’s also a good crystal for emotions, frequently overloaded by the mental energy they take from others throughout the day. It’s no surprise that many utilize this as their household and individual protective crystal.

4. Properties of Physical Healing

Selenite extends her wings all across actual plains, symbolizing her heavenly wealth in magnificent body health. Those who incorporate Selenite throughout their lives will notice that it provides a new level of physical mobility. Selenite is assume to assist in the spine’s straightening and repair and at least assist with skeletal abnormalities. Selenite’s light-bringing emotions combine to counteract the damage caused by free radicals in the crystalline structure, keeping your complexion, hair, or eyes clean as well as bright and bathed in young moist energy.

5. Awareness

Selenite promotes mental clarity by increasing awareness of oneself and one’s situations. It reaches cosmic consciousness or higher direction by opening the head or higher head chakras. This can be use to gain entry to both previous and future existence. Selenite seems to be a soothing stone that promotes profound relaxation and is ideal for relaxation or spiritual activities. It aids in decision-making and understanding. It helps to clear up ambiguity and view the bigger picture.

6. For the sake of wealth

Anyone wishing to attract wealth, success, or fortune should consider one of Selenite’s additional properties. Whereas the gemstone does not perform miracles, this does assist people in becoming happier or, as a byproduct, more successful.

Selenite can assist you in finding positive, like-minded individuals, which accounts for a lot of this. For example, someone wishing to assemble a group for a particular project can use Selenite to increase the likelihood of recruiting the best individuals. By recognizing reality about each other and allowing you to negotiate better significant transactions, the gemstone will assist you in determining someone you can believe. Placing money and effort ahead of emotional and physiological Health has been one of the capital management risks. Selenite gemstones can educate you on utilizing the energies effectively, allowing you to operate wiser instead of longer.


7. Stone with a High Vibration

The selenite crystal has a strong vibration that can accelerate spiritual progress. The chakra, the soul star, the third eye, and the crown chakra are all associated with stone. The crown chakra is unblock by gemstone, which allows you to reach the transcendental chakra from the ninth to the fifteenth chakra. The flow of energies can also be experience through the head chakra whenever this gemstone is utilize at the chakra system or perhaps the third eye.

8. Removes any clogged energy.

Selenite is a strong healer because it resonates at a super-high level.It is useful for eliminating heavy, trapped energy. This permits high-vibrational energy to circulate, lifting the spirit. Scientist suggests that we should start cleansing with Selenite. Selenite will uplift

  •  Vitality
  •  House
  • Possessions
  • Different crystals

9. More Restful Sleep

If you suffer from sleeplessness or hallucinations, Selenite is an excellent crystal to use to assist you in overcoming them. Selenite produces a quieter and clear mentality, allowing for improved quality of sleep and a higher frequency of pleasant dreams. But, it would be best if you only used a little chunk of Selenite to aid the sleep since larger stones might create far too much energy, disrupting the sleep and causing vivid nightmares. Suppose you are uncomfortable or find it difficult to fall asleep.


10. Love

For Marriage and Partnerships, it may be the ideal gemstone for someone looking for a long-term, committed relationship. it can assist you in finding your ideal companion and real affection by eradicating many outmoded, old-fashioned ideas. Most of us have discovered ourselves there in the company of other people, in relationship with those who don’t share our viewpoints.

11. Metaphysical properties

It appears to shine most brightly in the metaphysical realm, and this is a gemstone that stands the test of time as an exquisitely angelic gemstone. It seems to be a powerful instrument for releasing energy obstacles that prevent you from being in your fullest, flowing flow. Working very closely with the upper chakras, such as the Crown Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra, power cannot travel to all those upper chakras unless the Heart Chakra is strong and open. Humans are motivate  with kindness and care if their emotions are light yet open, so humans trust in the teachings from higher realms. Crystal is indeed a sublime guardian angel and an important instrument in Healing and also for aura cleansing.

It is assume to be useful for communicating with angels and delving into former lifetimes, activating psychic powers, expelling all types of unpleasant beings, and assisting you in moving into a different consciousness.




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